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Hexagonal Architecture Explained in UML & Code

NoSQL Databases
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How to Communicate Large Scale Technical Architectures

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Scott Ambler
Do Agile developers create models? Scott Ambler discusses Agile Modeling...
Valentina Cupać
Hexagonal architecture is all about dependency inversion and facilitating technology free testing of core business logic. Valentina Cupać explains...
Amy Hoy
Amy Hoy with an entertaining overview of the Ruby Programming Language.
Pramod Sadalage
What are the various flavours of no-sql database out there? How do they work? And what are the pros and cons of each?
Kevlin Henney
How exactly should we think about abstraction in programming?
Eoin Woods
What exactly is software architecture? What decisions are needed to define an architecture? How do you communicate this to stakeholders?
Grady Booch
In this exclusive interview, Grady discusses his views on agile development, the UML and how to get your kids to like you!
Kevlin Henney
A discussion of why - amongst other things - treating a dynamic situation with a static plan is a risky approach, upset by the slightest change.

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