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Mike Skidmore

Mike Skidmore is an oil painter. He says:

"I've only ever been interested in oils; primarily because they are tactile and forgiving enough for experimentation. Where a painting starts is never where it finishes, as I always follow my own path."

Mike is a self-taught artist:

"Art schools in my day didn’t encourage my type of work. After several frustrating years, and many canvasses thrown in the bin, I made headway and developed the techniques I use today."

Stylistically, evocative shadow and light, portraits with character, and sometimes a narrative running through the picture are central to his approach. He also enjoys adding a little humour or trompe l’oeil into still life artworks. His paintings are not completed quickly, as he work in layers of transparent glazes for shadows and impasto for lighter areas. A portrait can take up to two of months, and a still life takes a month. After this, they need time to dry for varnishing and framing.

His work sells online in Europe, the USA and Australia. Two galleries in Monmouthshire display his paintings and he has exhibited at the RA and Mall gallery.

See mikeskidmoreonline.com for further details, other paintings and the opportunity to purchase a genuine artwork at very reasonable prices.